Why Inlays And Onlays Could Be The Best Solution For Your Broken Tooth

Why Inlays And Onlays Could Be The Best Solution For Your Broken Tooth

Aug 04, 2022

Having a broken or damaged tooth can make you feel self-conscious about your smile and the appearance of your teeth. You may probably be wondering what type of covering your tooth may need to restore its function, size, and shape. While sometimes your dentist in Edmonton might use dental fillings to take care of the problem, inlays and onlays are another durable and long-lasting option to restore your damaged tooth.

You may have questions about what onlays and inlays are, their benefits, and how much they cost. Before considering this option, read along to understand everything you need to know about onlays and inlays.

What Are Inlays and Onlays, And How Are They Different From Dental Fillings?

An inlay is a dental restoration used o fill the area of your teeth that is bigger than a general dental filling. This usually covers the area between the cusps of your teeth. They are therefore shaped to perfectly fit the area of your teeth that your walk-in dentist has removed in Edmonton.

Onlays, on the other hand, are referred to as partial crowns. They may cover one or multiple cusps of your teeth.

Inlays and onlays are made from materials like porcelain which may not be at risk of shrinking due to its ceramic nature, unlike composite filling. For inlays and onlays, you may require two dental visits for impressions to be made and the actual placement of the inlays and onlays. Once the restoration has been made, it can last 20 years.

On the other hand, dental fillings may be completed on a single visit for a fundamental more minor cavity issue. However, there are cases where an impression may need to be taken and sent to an external lab. Thus you may have to come in for a second dental appointment. Dental fillings might also need replacement over time because of their composite material. This can result from your filling shrinking or being worn out over tie from eating and chewing. Dental fillings may last up to 15yers with proper oral care.

What Are The Benefits of Choosing Them Over Other Dental Procedures?

The benefits of choosing inlays and onlays over other types of dental procedures include:

  • It increases the lifespan of your teeth as they are created to last a lifetime. They can also resist damage ad deterioration as they are made from durable material like porcelain.
  • It is a safe choice. It enhances your oral hygiene as bacteria and other illnesses have a little chance of entering your teeth and gums.
  • They are a durable solution since they are glued to your teeth, acting as a barrier around your teeth, thus protecting them from infection, further damage, and swelling.

How Much Do Inlays And Onlays Cost?

The average cost for inlays varies between $250 to $1500, while for onlays, it is between $350 and $1500. This cost, however, can be impacted by factors such as:

  • The dentist is performing the procedure. Some experienced dentists may charge more to reflect their training and experience.
  • The teeth that are being restored. Back teeth are more difficult to be prepared and work on than the front teeth.
  • The size of the inlay or onlay. Larger onlays/inlays cost more than smaller onlays/ inlays.
  • The type of material that is used. Some materials are a bit more costly than others. For instance, gold can be more costly than other materials, and porcelain can be slightly expensive when fabricated by a highly skilled technician.

Dental insurance companies place onlays and inlays in basic or major service categories. The basic category provides coverage for cleanings, dental fillings, and other routine dental services. Your insurance company can have a pre-set limit for basic services or a percentage of your area’s usual and customary onlay/inlay.

If your dental insurance company’s inlay and onlay are under the significant category like the dental crowns, you will be reimbursed at the 50% coverage rate.

If you are looking for dentistry offering dental inlays and onlays in Edmonton, AB, visit Kensington Dental Clinic. Our specialists will guide you on the available options and help you determine the right choice.

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