When Should You Get Your Tooth Removed?

When Should You Get Your Tooth Removed?

Jan 11, 2020

Everyone loves to adore their natural teeth, and would never want to imagine getting their tooth extracted. However, adulthood tends to welcome circumstances where you will need to get a tooth extraction done from a trustworthy dental clinic. Some dental problems can be resolved with minor treatments, while some cases will demand tooth extraction as the only viable option. Tooth extraction is done for various reasons that range from preventing some significant problems from taking place to treating an existing problem. If any of the following aspects bother you, we advise you to get a tooth extraction done.

Severe Tooth Decay

Here, we are not talking about the usual tooth decay. Severe tooth decay is when the decaying reaches the centre of the tooth, which is the pulp, and the bacteria invade the pulp worsening the decay. This decay can be prevented by instilling good dental hygiene habits since the very beginning. But once it reaches the stage where it is beyond treatment or root canal, tooth extraction is the only option.

Gum Infection

Periodontal or gum disease is when the tissues in the gums that hold your teeth in place are infected severely. The earliest stage of periodontal disease starts with gingivitis and should not be ignored when the symptoms start showing up. Periodontal disease can be prevented by regular brushing and flossing and not allowing plaque to form and harden. It is essential to avoid any serious gum infection from taking place since it calls for an urgent tooth extraction to prevent any further spreading of infection.

Impacted Tooth

A tooth is impacted when it is unable to come out. Other teeth might hinder the impacted tooth from coming out. This is often the case with wisdom tooth, which is why the swelling occurs and the pain erupts, but the tooth doesn’t break out. Usually, this happens because the impacted tooth remains below the surface of the gum line. This puts pressure on other teeth which increases the risk of spreading infection. Thus, impacted teeth are one of the reasons why tooth extraction is carried out by our dentists.

Overcrowded Mouth

Overcrowded mouth is one of the reasons why tooth extraction is essential. Tooth extraction is carried out also when the patient needs to undergo orthodontic treatment, and there is no more space for the teeth to move or realign. Thus, here tooth extraction helps in systematic realignment of the teeth.

It is even more appreciated if you are ready to take good care of your existing natural teeth to prevent yourself from undergoing such a hefty procedure. But remember, Kensington Dental Clinic is always at your service in case of any dental emergencies.

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