What You Can Do for Your Child to Prevent Cavities and Tooth Decay

What You Can Do for Your Child to Prevent Cavities and Tooth Decay

May 16, 2019

As a parent, you want to make sure that your child is safe from cavities, tooth decay, and other oral problems. If you are prone to develop oral problems, such as cavities or gum disease, then your children have a higher risk of developing oral problems as well. Therefore, you need to do everything in your power to ensure that your child’s oral hygiene is optimal.

It is highly recommended that you start taking care of your children’s teeth early on. In fact, as soon as your child’s first teeth appear, you should start cleaning them right away. And as soon as your kid’s first tooth appears, between 12 and 36 months, you should bring your kid to the dentist for their first teeth cleaning.

Apart from making sure that your child is brushing their teeth at least twice per day, there are other things that you can do as well. Here are some of the best tips that every pediatric dentist recommends:

Restrict Sugar Intake

In addition to good oral care, you also need to pay close attention to your child’s diet as well to make sure what they are eating or drinking isn’t too sugary. It is common knowledge that sugar is one of the leading causes of tooth decay, but did you know that starchy foods (such as crackers or chips) also contain sugar and can cause damage to the teeth. There is nothing that children love more than sweets, which is why it is almost impossible to remove all sugars and starches from your child’s diet.

Even milk contains sugar that can lead to tooth decay. That being said, you can still cut back the amount of sugar that your child consumes on a daily basis. The most important thing to remember is that you should never give your child sugary snacks or drinks just because they won’t stop crying. Instead, give them just enough to satisfy their cravings, not every time that they ask for a treat.

Arrange Dentist Appointments

Schedule regular dentist appointments for your child. Take your child to see the dentist every six months. The dentist will clean your child’s teeth thoroughly and fill any cavities that start to show to avoid more serious problems in the future. While at your children’s dental appointment you can ask about dental sealants and fluoride varnish, especially if you live in an area without fluoridated drinking water.

Beware of Tooth Decay

Everyone is aware that tooth decay should be avoided, but many people still don’t see it as being a big problem and may not take the necessary steps to prevent tooth decay. The fact is that tooth decay is extremely prevalent among children between the ages of two and eleven.

As a matter of fact, almost half of the kids in the country have cavities. If this trend continues, there could be an epidemic in the future. Thus, it is imperative that you take every possible measure to make sure that your kid is safe from tooth decay. You can start by taking them to see a dentist before the first signs of tooth decay even appears.

In Conclusion

Tooth decay is primarily caused by two things: diet and hygiene. Therefore, you need to make sure that your child’s diet does not involve too many sugary foods and drinks. Also, you should encourage your child to take care of their oral health by brushing their teeth twice a day to get rid of all the plaque caused by their diet. When your children brush their teeth, it is important that the toothbrush reaches all chewing surfaces of the teeth as well as their tongue to properly clean all areas of the mouth. Otherwise, there is a high risk that your child will get cavities as well as other oral problems.

The best thing that you can do for your child is to schedule an appointment with a dentist. This is so that your child’s oral health can be taken care of by an expert. Also, regular dental checkups ensures that any teeth or gum problems that your child has can be fixed before they can lead to something more serious.

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