What is the Procedure for Getting Dentures?

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What is the Procedure for Getting Dentures?

Jul 22, 2019

Complete dentures are artificial teeth sets used to replace the space created due to no or less natural teeth. Some dentures that fill only certain missing teeth in the jaw are called partial dentures. In regular family dentistry, dentures are prescribed when patients lose their teeth due to injury, ageing, or a health condition. Some dentures are permanently fitted in the patient’s mouth while some are removable. Removable dentures have some advantages compared to using tooth prosthetics. The biggest advantage of removable dentures is that no dental surgery is required to fit them. All dentures are made of materials that exactly match the remaining teeth of the patient.

In today’s family dentistry, dentures are designed to be functional but with complete comfort. They are made to be extremely similar to natural teeth that improve your smile and facial appearance.


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Dental Preparation and Placement

During your first dental visit, the dentist will evaluate if your gums and teeth. They will examine the supporting bone structure in your jaws to identify the right treatment plan. In some cases, oral bone surgery is suggested to correct any bony ridges that might interfere with the stability of the dentures. Some remaining teeth might also have to be extracted before placing the dentures. Once your dentist concludes that dentures are the right option for you, he will make impressions on your gums to identify all the ridges and crevices ensuring the best possible fit.

In cases where teeth need to be extracted, an immediate denture is placed to allow proper healing of the affected area and serve as an esthetic replacement. These dentures can be easily modified to change ridge contours during the healing process until final dentures are made. To create immediate dentures, dentists use a shade and mould chart to choose replacements that exactly match your natural teeth.

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Placing the Final Dentures

Complete dentures are only made when the gums are restored to a healthy condition with sufficient healing time. Complete dentures are fixed replacing all the teeth in the upper and lower jaws. The gums naturally shrink during the healing process of tooth loss. This normally takes 6 to 12 months. During this period, immediate dentures require certain adjustments to support changes in the gums and bone structure. This could include both soft and hard relining procedures.

An overdenture is a removable prosthesis that covers and rests on the remaining tooth roots. This removable partial denture replaces some missing teeth and is built around the existing teeth. An overdenture and a partial denture both can be connected to remaining teeth in the jaws where the anchors are either made of metal or plastic. These connections improve stability and retention of the prostheses.

To know if dentures are the right treatment for you or to know more about getting dentures,book an appointment  at the Kensington Dental Clinic.

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