What Is the Invisalign Treatment Process?

What Is the Invisalign Treatment Process?

Mar 01, 2022

Invisalign is a type of aligner that is thin and clear used for orthodontic treatment. They are not very noticeable, making teeth alignment less conspicuous. Invisalign is used to correct under bite, cross bite, overbite issues, gaps in teeth, crowded teeth, and open bites. You might be curious how the Invisalign process work, and here is how:

  1. Consult a dentist near you
All orthodontic problems can’t be corrected using Invisalign. Our dentist in Edmonton, AB, will examine your teeth and decide the treatment option for you. Our dentist will consider your ability to keep the trays on for almost 22 hours a day. If you don't get the Invisalign from us, make sure you get them from an orthodontist to get great results.
  1. Treatment plan commences
After settling for Invisalign treatment, our dentist will take X-ray photographs to show how the teeth are aligned. The data collected and instructions on how the teeth are supposed to move are sent to the Invisalign company. These instructions are input into a computer. Next, a 3d render of your teeth and a model of how they are supposed to move are generated. Next, the models are shared with your dentist to check whether they require adjustments. Finally, if the dental team is satisfied with the models, a go-ahead to make the trays is given.
  1. Wait for the aligners to arrive at your dentist's office; it can take about a month.
  1. Visit the dental office and collect your aligners
Once they are ready, you can wear them. They are all different and should be worn in a certain order. Every aligner is to be used for about two weeks. You will notice that each new aligner leaves your teeth straighter. The aligners can be taken out when brushing or eating, although you should make sure that you wear them back afterward. Failure to wear the aligners will alter the treatment process, and new aligners may fail to fit when you don't always wear the previous ones.
  1. Your smile is refined
After wearing the last trays, your orthodontists will examine your teeth to see whether you need adjustments. The dental expert will order refinement trays for you if it does, and they can take a month to arrive.
  1. Maintain your smile
There is a need to attend to the jaws to solidify parts around the new teeth alignment. Retainers are used for this purpose. They look like the Invisalign, only that they are thicker and not changed after a fortnight. Retainers are essential during months after treatment. You are required to wear it for some time every week because teeth are always shifting.

How Is Invisalign Treatment Different Than Other Teeth Straightening Options?

Compared to other methods of alignment, Invisalign has many advantages. Here are reasons why you will prefer it over other options. Since the aligners are clear, they are suitable for the teens who rebel or lack interest in teeth aligners. In addition, Invisalign is built with compliance indicators making it easy for parents and a dentist to know whether teenagers are wearing them properly. Other clear aligners may not be as clear as they appear in adverts. Others like traditional braces may injure the gums, causing painful sores. Invisalign is made with comfort and invisibility in mind. You won't have to make any adjustments in your life to accommodate them as other aligners make them comfortable. Your oral hygiene will not be compromised because the aligner can be removed for brushing and flossing, unlike braces. They do not hurt your gums, exposing you to periodontal diseases, which will alter the healing process.

Is Invisalign Treatment Painful?

Invisalign treatment is painless, but it can make your teeth feel sore. Even when you are using braces, there will be some discomfort similar or less to Invisalign. However, the discomfort will only last for some time after you wear new trays. Do you need to straighten your teeth? Kensington Dental Clinic offers Invisalign®️ treatment in Edmonton, AB. Our dentist has trained in this field, and you are guaranteed to have desired results. Book an appointment today or visit our office.

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