What Is It Like Living With Dentures?

What Is It Like Living With Dentures?

Sep 09, 2022

Replacing missing or severely damaged teeth is crucial to your dental health, appearance, and…

Replacing missing or severely damaged teeth is crucial to your dental health, appearance, and quality of life. Dentures are one of the popular teeth replacement options that dentists use. They are artificial teeth and gums designed to replace a few teeth in a row or the entire arch. Continue reading to learn about denture treatment in Edmonton, AB.

Do Dentures Ever Feel Normal?

Yes, they do. In previous years, dentures used to be uncomfortable and did not feel like natural teeth. However, dental technology has advanced enabling the dentist to design customized dentures. Today, denture procedures involve taking digital scans of the mouth. Then the experts create the dentures through CAD technology. Therefore, they fit comfortably.

Once the dentist fits you with new dentures, they will instruct you on using suction and dental adhesives. These help keep the artificial teeth in place as you eat or speak, making them feel normal. You can practice using them in private so that you are not self-conscious when in public.

The shape of the jawbone is always changing. It is due to bone re-absorption, which occurs after teeth extraction. Therefore, your dentures’ fit will change and require the dentist to adjust them often. This ensures they feel normal and improve your quality of life.

Why Would a Dentist Recommend Dentures?

Dentures are used to replace missing teeth giving the patient a beautiful smile and improving the mouth’s functions. A dentist may recommend dentures treatment in Edmonton, AB, if you have:

1A) Two or more missing teeth in a jaw arch

2A) Shifting or unstable teeth due to periodontal disease

3A) Severe toothache that cannot be treated with root canal therapy

4A) Advanced gum disease that has resulted in inflamed, swollen, or sensitive gums

5A) Tooth damage that prevents you from eating certain foods

6A) A smile that you are not proud of due to missing or damaged teeth

How Do People Live With New Dentures?

Once you get new dentures, you may have difficulties wearing and using them initially. You may face some problems while living with partial dentures. First is getting used to how they feel in the mouth. For the first few days, your glands will produce more saliva than usual. This is a natural reaction and will cease after s short while.

In addition, you will experience mouth pain when using new dentures. The pain and discomfort are normal and will cease when the mouth adjusts to the dentures. However, you must tell your dentist if the pain persists because it may be a problem with the denture fit. You should wear them for the recommended time to help your mouth adjust and no longer to avoid mouth sores.

Speaking with the new dentures will be challenging for the first few weeks. You may make clicking sounds or have difficulty pronouncing some words when talking. The best thing you can do is practice talking, singing, or reading a book loudly until you can speak properly.

It will take some time to get used to chewing with dentures. This is because your cheek muscles must learn to hold the dentures in place as you eat. Therefore, start with a diet of soft foods cut into easily chewable pieces. Avoid crunchy, sticky, or chewy foods as they are more challenging to eat and lead to gum pain. Resume a normal diet once you can chew the soft foods comfortably.

Your mouth and the dentures must be cleaned properly daily to avoid oral infections. Talk to your dentist about the right denture cleaning solution and brushes. You should take them out before bed and soak them in water or denture solution. This keeps them moist, so they do not crack or warp, possibly due to their material.

Do You Need Dentures?

Dentures offer an attractive, comfortable, and cost-effective way to restore your smile. They also help you regain full dental function since they are designed like real teeth. Dentists recommend dentures since they improve self-esteem and oral and overall health.

Do not let damaged or missing teeth keep you from living life to the fullest. Contact us at Kensington Dental Clinic for denture treatment in Edmonton, AB. Our team uses the latest technology to fit you with natural-looking and comfortable dentures.

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