What do You Know About Bruxism?

What do You Know About Bruxism?

Dec 18, 2019

Bruxism, which is also referred to as teeth grinding is a problem in which people grind or clench their teeth. Occasional teeth grinding is not harmful to your teeth. But when an individual grinds their teeth regularly, it can damage their teeth and have consequences. Bruxism also leads to oral health and overall health problems. Bruxism can cause earaches, headaches, jaw problems and facial pain. The sound of grinding teeth will also irritate the family members.

In some cases, bruxism can also lead to eradicating the tooth enamel, which will lead to teeth sensitivity. Grinding teeth can also cause your tooth to chip. There are various causes behind the bruxism that our dentists would like you to know.

Causes of Teeth Grinding

The cause of teeth grinding is not clear, but stress, lifestyle habits and medications are considered to be the major causes.


Stress causes people to grind their teeth, and many people are not aware of their teeth grinding. Often, teeth grinding happens when people are sleeping. Stress can be caused by the external environment or psychological and social situation of a person. The psychology of a person is related to depression, anxiety and emotional stress, and these are the leading factors in causing bruxism. People with such kind of stress have more chances of getting bruxism as a response to releasing daily emotions.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are considered to be the most common factor in causing bruxism. Bruxism is found more in the people who suffer from sleep disorders like snoring, breathing pauses while asleep and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). People suffering from bruxism also report other sleep disorders like sleep paralysis, sleep talking and enacting violent actions during sleep. Amongst all of these factors, OSA is considered to be the one with high risks.


Bruxism may also be caused because of the side effects of some medicines. Medicines that are used for the treatment of psychiatric conditions are usually said to cause teeth grinding. It is said that these medicines cause some changes in nervous systems that lead to teeth grinding or jaw clenching. Antipsychotics and antidepressant medicines are considered mostly to cause bruxism.

Lifestyle Factors

An individual’s lifestyle factors are also considered as the cause of bruxism. Factors like alcohol, smoking, cocaine, caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee lead to teeth grinding. Using such psychoactive substances makes a person face problems like falling asleep, staying asleep and feeling sleepy during the daytime. Individuals who consume such psychoactive substances have higher chances of bruxism.

Now you know the causes and effects of teeth grinding. You can avoid being active in the things mentioned above to save yourself from bruxism. Visiting a dentist near you can also help you in coping with this problem. Dentists recommend using a nightguard as a treatment for bruxism. In Edmonton, we have skilled and professional dentists so that you can visit us for the best services.

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