What Causes Buck Teeth

Causes Buck Teeth

The shape and structure of our dental arch and the jawline affect a lot of daily tasks for which we use our teeth and mouth. Any malformation in the dental arch and the jawline can have you struggling to do some of the tasks that are easy for others. A mismatch, while the jaws shut close, leads to harm to the adjoining teeth as well. While growing up, everyone has had some habits that cause malformations of the bodily structure. Did you know that a newborn’s sleeping position can alter the shape of the skull since the bones are in the adaptation stage? Similarly, some children develop buck teeth while growing up. Which can later lead to much severe malocclusion of the teeth. Children must be taken to a dental office where the dentist can take earlier preventive steps to stop the malformation from increasing. There are things and habits that you can stop to put a hold on your deforming teeth.

Buck Teeth Due to Thumb Sucking

A lot of children and infants develop a habit of sucking their thumbs, which comes about as a result of stress factors. Children sucking thumb, usually put pressure on the upper teeth from their tongues. This constant pressure on the upper jaw makes the front teeth protrude from the gums. Thumbsucking which is known as non-nutritive sucking behavior (NNSB) in child dentistry, is harmful to the permanent structure of the teeth if it continues further than the age of 3 or 4.

Buck Teeth due to Tongue Thrusting

When the tongue stretches too far from the mouth, it thrusts the teeth. Tongue thrusting causes open-bite, as in most cases the tongue thrusts both the upper and lower teeth. But it is possible to only thrust the upper front teeth, which results in an overbite. In kids and youngsters, tongue thrusting can come as a result of swollen adenoid glands and tonsils. Poor swallowing habits are also one of the reasons for tongue thrusting. Various stress factors make adults thrust their tongues during sleep. You can get a solution for tongue thrusting like a mouth guard at a dental office near you.

Buck Teeth due to Pacifiers

Sucking on pacifiers also counts under non-nutritive sucking behavior (NNSB). Pacifiers act in the same way that thumbsucking does for toddlers. It causes overbite in children and affects the teeth more than sucking thumb or finger, according to the 2016 journal of the American dental association.

Buck Teeth due to Genetics

The shape of the skull and jaws depend a lot on the genetics of a person. Genetic mismatches sometimes lead to children being born with either a smaller upper or lower jaw. Such genetic anomalies can sometimes result in permanent deformation of the teeth and buck teeth even in adulthood. Such cases can be dealt with at a dental office by asking for cosmetic dentistry solutions for your teeth. Depending on the severity of your case, the dentist might suggest devices or surgery.

Malocclusions of the teeth can be restored or prevented from happening. Dealing with malocclusions require the help of a dentist and the many solutions that they can provide through their dental office in North Edmonton.

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