3 Side Effects of In-home Whitening Products

3 Side Effects of In-home Whitening Products

Nov 19, 2019

People suffer from stained or discoloured yellow teeth. That they can eradicate with the help of teeth whitening treatment, teeth whitening is not necessarily can only be done by a dentist. There are various in-home products that you can use for teeth whitening like whitening toothpaste, strip, tray, rinse or gel, etc. Teeth whitening products are not recommendable to everyone; such products are ideal for people with healthy gums and unrestored teeth. Teeth whitening is a dental treatment, but teeth whitening products too can cause some side effects. So it is essential to know what are the side effects that can be caused by teeth whitening products.

1) Sensitivity

Sensitivity is one of the general side effects caused due to the use of teeth whitening products. Sensitivity is caused when your teeth get in contact with the bleaching chemical in the product. Some teeth whitening toothpaste include peroxide that can increase the sensitivity. The peroxide can lead to exposing Dentin that is the underlying layer of the teeth and can increase the sensitivity to hot and cold beverages. People with teeth sensitivity should use teeth whitening in-home products with caution and care. You can use toothpaste made for sensitive teeth; sensitive toothpaste contains potassium nitrate that helps in soothing the nerves of teeth.

2) Gum Problems

Gum problems are too caused by the use of teeth whitening products. Gum irritation is caused due to the mild irritation in the gums. Gum irritations are caused due to ill-fitting mouthpiece tray and not due to the bleaching agents in the products. Gum irritation can also be caused by teeth whitening gel. Teeth whitening gel can lead to chemical burns in the mouth. The burns in the gums get normal within twenty-four hours. Due to the hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, the irritations can be caused when using the products in-home or in-office treatment.

3) White Spots or Chalky Teeth Shades

Teeth whitening products can lead to change in the shades of your teeth colour due to excessive use. Teeth whitening products give you temporary whiten teeth. You will have to reuse the teeth whitening products to regain the shiny of your teeth. But using the products excessively can lead to making your teeth look chalky or can damage them with white spots. The peroxide in the teeth whitening products can lead to cellular damage, with problems like gingivitis and oversensitivity in the gums. So you should use the products often, but not daily.

When such problems occur, you can stop using the teeth whitening products until the problem caused is healed. Such side-effects are temporary, they are healed over time, but you should need to be precautious so it may not become severe. The best advice would be to use the products in a limit.

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