Dental Veneers in Edmonton, AB

Are dental veneers worth it? Read on for the procedure, benefits, and after-care tips. If you’ve been dreaming of getting a whiter, brighter, and more attractive smile, veneers could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Veneers are thin, stain-resistant, and durable shell-like coverings that can be wrapped around the front of your tooth. Our expert dentist at Kensington Dental Clinic in Edmonton, Alberta will shave down the tooth and fasten the veneers securely with the help of special dental cement. Veneers last for nearly 10 to 15 years, after which you may need to replace them. For example, dental veneers are an excellent option if whitening has not helped your teeth or if you want to close a small, unsightly gap in your front teeth. One of the most important benefits of dental veneers is that they correct aesthetic issues while maintaining the natural color of your teeth at the same time. At one time, veneers and similar cosmetic procedures were used only by celebrities. Fortunately, nowadays, every patient is welcome to take advantage of our exceptional smile makeover services.

Who Should Consider Getting Veneers at Kensington Dental Clinic?

Veneers are ideal for patients with:
  • Severe tooth discolorations that cannot be whitened to the desired shade
  • Teeth that are damaged from trauma or accidents
  • A passion for a brand-new, attractive smile before an event or presentation
Veneers may not be suitable for patients with bruxism (grinding teeth during sleep), advanced gum disease, or severe malocclusion (problems with bite force or impaired bite). Grinding down on veneers can wear out veneers very quickly and shorten its lifespan. Problems like advanced gum disease or tooth decay will continue to progress despite the application of veneers. In such cases, feel free to ask our trained dentists for alternatives; they may suggest other treatments such as crowns, root canals, or implants. If you are interested, please talk to our friendly staff for more information on whether you’re an ideal candidate for veneers. Call or email Kensington Dental Clinic in Edmonton, Alberta for more information on veneers, types, costs, and procedures.


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