Teeth Whitening in Edmonton, AB

Everyone desires a perfect smile—at least most people do. Several components go into qualifying a smile as being excellent, and tooth color ranks highly on that list. If your teeth are discolored or stained, you may find yourself struggling with your self-confidence. Whether you’re genetically predisposed to tooth discoloration or have made choices that have led you there, the good news is that you can get the brighter and whiter smile that you deserve. If you live in Edmonton, Alberta, make an appointment right now with Kensington Dental Clinic. We offer different teeth whitening options to patients who’d like to leave behind their discolored smiles and embrace new smiles that make them feel happier and more confident.

Types of Teeth Whitening

Kensington Dental Clinic offers different kinds of teeth whitening procedures to patients who have stained or discolored teeth. Our dentist will help you decide the best form of whitening procedure depending on your unique needs. We provide custom whitening kits for optimal teeth whitening. Our teeth whitening kit provides results fast. Your teeth and their colour can be inspected and recorded before and after you use the whitening kit. You may then compare to see the difference in your brilliant smile. We will also give you instructions for the best results– some types of teeth do not whiten as well as others, and alternative treatments can be recommended. Give us a call if you want to learn more! The teeth whitening treatment options available at Kensington Dental Clinic include:
  • Dental bonding, which involves the application of a tooth-colored composite resin material to the surface of the discolored tooth.
  • Dental veneers. Veneers are tooth-colored, thin layers or shells of porcelain or composite resin, which are bonded to a tooth surface.
  • In-home whitening agents. Our dentist prescribes these gels, strips, and rinses.
  • In-office teeth whitening or bleaching by our highly experienced dentist.
When prescribing a tooth whitening procedure, our dentist in Edmonton, Alberta will consider the cause and extent of your tooth discoloration. The outcome of all these procedures is a brighter smile, which translates into a more confident patient that’s not afraid to show off their smile.

Caring for Your Teeth After Whitening Procedure

The steps you take to care for your teeth after a tooth whitening procedure determine how long your teeth stay whiter and brighter. Here’s what you should do after a tooth whitening procedure:
  • Avoiding foods and beverages that cause tooth discoloration. Dark berries, coffee, and wine are common culprits.
  • Visit our dentist in Edmonton, Alberta twice a year for dental exams and cleanings.
  • Brush twice a day and floss your teeth once daily.
  • Avoid chewing on hard objects that may damage your veneers or cause your bonded teeth to crack.
  • Always consult our dentist before using over-the-counter whitening agents.
Are your stained or discolored teeth hurting your self-confidence? Visit Kensington Dental Clinic today for a solution. We offer different treatment options to help you achieve a whiter, brighter, and more confident smile painlessly.


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