Invisalign®️ Treatment in Edmonton, AB

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that focuses on fixing misalignments and malocclusions of the teeth and jaws. When teeth are misaligned, it can create a number of long-lasting health problems while also making it difficult to eat, chew, and even speak.

At Kensington Dental Clinic, we want to help all of our patients in Edmonton, Alberta get the treatment they need to have healthy, happy smiles. Since we know many of our patients are adults who postponed getting treatment as children and teenagers, we now offer semi-invisible braces called Invisalign®️.


Invisalign is a method of straightening your teeth using a custom-made series of clear, plastic retainers. This is an ideal option for those individuals who want to straighten their teeth discreetly! The added bonus of Invisalign is that there are no brackets or wires needed, which makes brushing and flossing your teeth much easier.

Approximately every two weeks, you will be fitted with new retainers that will gently shift your teeth until the desired results are achieved!

To learn more about Invisalign, please feel free to contact our office and arrange a consultation. You can also go to their official website at

Invisalign treatment usually lasts anywhere between 6 to 18 months, and the majority of patients will go through a series of customized aligners. Each one will be slightly tighter than the first, adapting to the movement of the teeth to create a straighter, more even smile.

Who Can Receive Invisalign?

Our practice can apply Invisalign for patients who are 16 years of age or older who have only minor misalignments of the teeth. Unfortunately, the aligners will not fit properly on patients who have moderate or severe misalignments.

How Much Does It Cost?

At Kensington Dental Clinic, we try to make Invisalign as affordable as possible for our patients. Many insurances will not cover Invisalign because it counts as a more cosmetic version of traditional braces. We do have payment plans, and it is important to speak to your insurance provider before having treatment begin.

How to Receive Treatment

If you live in Edmonton, Alberta and are interested in Invisalign, you can schedule a consultation with our office. Our experienced dentist will examine and take x-rays of your smile to see what type of orthodontia you require and whether you would be a good fit for Invisalign.

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