Post-Tooth Extraction Care Explained

Post-Tooth Extraction Care

Tooth extraction in everyday language means the pulling of a tooth or teeth from the tooth or teeth sockets. Normally, it is when adult wisdom teeth have to undergo such a procedure. A dry socket is felt over the extraction area where a blood clot, formed post tooth extraction, dislodges from the tooth socket. This can be irritably painful. However, dental carefulness on the part of the patient after the tooth extraction is done, renders a good healing process. Here below, there is a liberal list of dental care tips to follow after the tooth extraction. You may want to go through these tips before you talk to a dentist.

Gauze Pad Application

After tooth extraction, the dentist will suggest you bite on a gauge pad for thirty minutes. You should ensure that you don’t press the gauze pad to an excessive degree over the tooth extraction site. If surgery is done where a very small piece of teeth has grown into the flesh deep into the flesh of the inward mouth, the initial gauze won’t help proportionately. So, another gauze pad is required for a few hours more till it wears out. This is done to allow a blood clot to form, which will prevent profuse bleeding or continual low bleeding. Change the gauze pad as and when required. A moist tea bag application in the extraction area is a great alternative. The tannic acid in the tea bag will soothe nerve endings to a great extent.

Important Essentials

Do not eat, drink, and talk for the first two hours after tooth removal. To keep the blood clot at the extraction area from dislodging or dissolving or melting into nothingness, don’t rinse your mouth vigorously or use a straw when drinking. This hinders the process of healing. Gentle salt water rinsing can be practised only much later. No exercise, smoking or spitting must be practised.

Ice Packs Application

Use ice packs over the extraction site for ten minutes at a time. Don’t press the ice bag on the site for too long or else it could result in tissue damage. Using an ice pack over outer regions of the mouth too is beneficial to prevent prolonged swelling. On the inner extraction area when an ice pack is applied, it prevents bruising. Before tooth extraction, if the teeth had been infected, alternating warm compresses with moist compresses helps a great deal better than using ice.


Cool and liquefied foods and smoothies are the best to consume. You can consume soup, pudding, yogurt, apple sauce, plain ice creams, and so on. Carbonated beverages, fizzy drinks, popcorn, peanuts, pasta, and hard items are a big no-no during the post-tooth-extraction phase. Do not use over-the-counter medicines to soothe the pain.

An experienced dentist can certainly fix your smile, be it even getting you relief from a dry socket to that effect. So, if you haven’t seen your dentist in a while, schedule your appointment today.

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