Oral Care Tips for Seniors

Oral Care Tips for Seniors

Nov 15, 2019

No matter what your age is, maintaining your oral health is vital. Whether your age is 28 or 68 years, your oral health should be your priority. Dentists in Edmonton suggests that maintaining your oral health in the senior age is critical. Oral health issues can have an effect on your overall health. Gum diseases can cause some health issues like blood pressure, stroke and heart diseases. So oral health issues can affect you very badly. Here we are providing some dental tips for your oral health that you can use and maintain your oral health in old age too.

Brush Daily

You will have to maintain your oral health as you age. Brushing daily will keep your teeth healthy; it will protect the enamel shield on the surface of teeth. Brushing will help to remove plaque and tar from your mouth. If brushing is difficult for you at this age, then you can opt for an electric toothbrush instead of the normal one. An electric toothbrush will make your brushing easy and eventually helps you to remove plaque.

Floss Everyday

You may not be able to floss your teeth twice, but it should be done once daily. Flossing reaches the places between the teeth where the brush cannot. It will help to remove the plaque and any food debris between your teeth. It will also keep your gums healthy. Flossing between the teeth and near the gum can prevent any gum disease.

Consume Nutritious Diet

With brushing and flossing, consuming nutritious food is also important. Food like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy products will provide you with the required amount of nutrients for your oral health. Nutritious food provides you with the best oral health. As you are getting older, relying only on medicines won’t help you alone, such a nutritious diet is vital for overall health. Food with calcium will provide you with good oral health. Encourage yourself to eat nutritious food and avoid any sugary food.

Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol

Dentists in Edmonton suggests that consumption of Tobacco can be very harmful to your oral health. Tobacco can cause periodontal disease very easily. Tobacco increases the chances of gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss. It can also lead to lung or throat cancer. Also cutting on alcohol will be a wise decision, as alcohol has sugar, it can affect your oral health.

Visit the Dentist

You should frequently visit your dentist for a check-up or any health-related issue. You can make your appointment for a dental cleaning. Dental cleaning provides the cleaning for your oral health than brushing and flossing can’t do. As experienced dentists will be able to detect any dental problem and fix it.

Maintaining your oral health has its own benefits that you will be able to reap. Oral problems can disrupt your regular routine. Oral disease can also get more severe if ignored. We have amongst the best dentists in Edmonton that will for your oral health.

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