Natural Methods Vs. Professional Teeth Whitening

Natural Methods Vs. Professional Teeth Whitening

Nov 01, 2021

A bright smile can be the key to your success in both professional and personal life. A foul breath can dent your confidence. Teeth whitening products and processes are on the rise, and a survey reveals that $11 billion was spent by Americans on teeth whitening products in the last year. Teeth whitening in Edmonton, AB, is also popular, and several dental clinics are providing state-of-art technologies to improve your smile.

Causes of Teeth Discoloration

Although everyone wishes for a bright smile, some reasons can lead to dull teeth. Some are beyond control due to dental trauma, aging, or the effects of certain medications. Lifestyle or consumption of various food or beverages can lead to discolored teeth. Poor dental hygiene is the primary cause for the accumulation of tartar- a sticky film on the enamel. If not cleaned, the tartar provides a thriving ground of bacterial activity that can erode the enamel and cause permanent discoloration of teeth. Consumption of caffeinated drinks, tobacco, and alcohol can also discolor teeth. The environment might also play a role for discolored teeth as excess fluoride in water might cause fluorosis that causes permanent spots on the teeth.

The Importance of Teeth Whitening

Dull teeth are a social issue and have implications. Apart from good oral hygiene, a bright tooth can ensure that you smile and talk without shying away to prevent foul odor. A smile can have a positive effect on your job interview. Teeth whitening processes can be both through natural methods and can be availed by visiting a dentist. Most teeth whitening procedures are safe and without side effects. Stains darken the enamel and are abode to bacterial activities. Yellow teeth can be unclean as well as depressing. There can be various clinics providing professional teeth whitening near you. You can check the services provided avail the teeth whitening treatment. You can also opt for natural methods.

Natural Methods of Teeth Whitening

Oil pulling has been a traditional Indian way to remove toxins from the oral cavity and improve the color of teeth. Generally, the oil of sunflower or sesame is used for oil pulling. Coconut oil is also a good alternative, and oil pulling kills the bacteria and prevents gingivitis. Baking soda possesses natural teeth whitening properties, and brushing with baking soda can whiten your teeth. Brushing with a mild abrasive scrubs the debris from teeth and creates an alkaline environment in the mouth. Diet can play a vital role in the whitening of your teeth. A dentist near you can also suggest the consumption of green leafy and crunchy vegetables that act as a natural scrub to remove the plaque. Brushing the teeth with strawberries mixed with baking soda is an excellent way to whiten teeth naturally.

Professional Teeth Whitening

People with healthy gums or tough stains that natural methods cannot remove can opt for professional teeth whitening. The dentist performs a thorough dental examination before administering teeth whitening procedures. In-depth cleaning is performed to remove the tartar. Hydrogen peroxide is the primary bleaching agent to whiten your teeth, but the concentration is higher. Depending on the stain, the dentist might suggest using toothpaste, gels, or whitening strips that are applied to the teeth. The in-office teeth whitening can be completed in a single visit to the dentist. After applying a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the dentist might use UV, LED, or halogen light of high intensity to brighten the teeth. Often laser method of teeth whitening is administered to speed up the teeth whitening process. The laser rays activate the bleaching agents and hasten the brightening process. The bleaching agents react with the stains and break the stains.

The Verdict

Dentists in Edmonton can suggest availing of professional teeth whitening depending on the state of your oral cavity. Professional teeth whitening is fast and long-lasting. The professional procedure might cost you, but you can get desired results. On the contrary, natural methods of teeth whitening do not yield results overnight. You need to brush with baking soda for a fortnight to get desired results. Natural processes also cannot remove tough stains. In Edmonton, CA, Kensington Dental Clinic can be your professional teeth whitening destination with affordable dental care. We are open on alternate Sundays, and you can book an appointment now.

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