How Will You Confront a Dental Emergency If Affected by One?

How Will You Confront a Dental Emergency If Affected by One?

Jan 01, 2021

What would you do if a dental issue affects you or your family member beyond office hours to bring you plenty of stress and anxiety? You may begin thinking of everything on this planet, including ignoring the dental issue instead of researching emergency dentistry near you to obtain treatment promptly.


Most dental emergencies except for accidents are unique because they manifest in your mouth and are either ignored until they affect you. It indicates you may never need to seek treatment from emergency dentistry in Edmonton, AB if you care for your teeth correctly and get regular exams and cleanings. Let us look at some issues that require treatment from emergency dentistry promptly.


Persistent Toothaches


Mild toothaches indicate you may have some food particles stuck between your teeth. You can try flossing and rinsing your mouth with warm water for relief. However, if the toothache is persistent and severe, it indicates you need emergency dental care.


Knocked-out Tooth


A knocked-out tooth always results from an accident from sporting incidents, altercations, or motor vehicle accidents. You must contact emergency dentistry in Edmonton immediately if you have one or more knocked out teeth. A tooth knocked out of your mouth can be attached if you reach the dentist within 30 minutes with the tooth maintained in a moist condition. You must not touch the tooth by its roots but pick it up by the crown and rinse it in water to remove any debris. You can try placing the tooth back into its socket, but if it’s not possible, put it in a small container with milk or your saliva. Reach the dentist’s office immediately if you want to avoid searching for replacement solutions.


Broken Tooth


You can suffer from a broken or fractured tooth as well in accidents. In such cases, you must collect the pieces of the tooth and visit an emergency dentistry clinic as soon as possible. The dental facility may attempt to restore your tooth or recommend extraction if the fracture extends below the gum line.


Extruded Tooth


If one of your teeth is partially dislodged, you can apply a cold compress on the exterior of your mouth. You can also take some over-the-counter pain medications to alleviate the discomfort before you head to the nearest emergency dentist for treatment.


Dental Abscess


Infections around your tooth’s root or gums are another reason why you must contact emergency dentistry immediately. Dental abscesses result from conditions left untreated in your mouth. However, they need treatment immediately to prevent the spread of the infection. Ignore a dental abscess, and you are susceptible to multiple health issues that need treatment from different medical practitioners. Visiting emergency dentistry with a dental abscess may require you to undergo root canal therapy, which you think is painful. However, it is the only treatment available to prevent the loss of teeth.


Bleeding Gums


If you experience bleeding from your gums or other soft tissues rinsing your mouth with saltwater and placing a moist tea bag over the wound helps control the bleeding. You can try contacting an emergency dentist near you for treatment, but if you are unsuccessful, you can visit an emergency room for help to stop the bleeding. However, a dental visit is essential because emergency rooms will not look at the underlying causes of the bleeding.


Besides the above, you may experience loose fillings or restorations on your teeth, which you think is an emergency, but they aren’t. Many dental issues can wait for a couple of days until you can visit your regular dentist for treatment. However, not every dental problem allows you the flexibility of staying and requires prompt attention only from a dental professional.


Never contemplate visiting an emergency room with a broken or knocked-out tooth. ERs do not have dental professionals and, in most situations, only offer you relief from the pain you are experiencing with a recommendation to contact the emergency dentist nearby for treatment. Why waste money visiting emergency rooms when an emergency dentist is available to see patients even beyond office hours or on holidays.


If you understand how you can prevent most dental emergencies except for accidents, you will realize the importance of visiting your regular dentist frequently for exams and cleanings. Maintaining excellent dental hygiene combined with regular dental visits, help to prevent most dental emergencies. However, if you suffer an impact to your mouth and have a broken or knocked-out tooth, the best option available is from the Edmonton emergency dentist.

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