Emergency Dentistry: What to Anticipate and How to Handle One

Emergency Dentistry: What to Anticipate and How to Handle One

May 01, 2020

Having a dental emergency is something you cannot predict. You never know when you will need to look for emergency dentistry near you. Although emergencies are unpredictable, the key to handling such an occurrence lies in being prepared for what may come. It is essential to understand what exactly a dental emergency is and what conditions qualify to be termed as such. This is because you do not want to be in a scenario where you are rushing for emergency dentistry in Edmonton in the middle of the night, only to be benched for several hours after your arrival because your condition is not dire.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any oral condition or a dental issue that requires immediate medical attention. This means that although your regular dentist should be your first option in case of an emergency, a dental emergency cannot wait to be addressed by your dentist during regular working hours. Dental emergencies can arise at any given time of day or night, which is why you need to have our dentist’s after-hours contact. In case your dentist’s office is closed for the day, your regular dentist can refer you to emergency dentistry in Edmonton AB to ensure your emergency is resolved forthwith. It is crucial to see a dentist in 30 minutes or less after your dental emergency occurs because this could mean the whole difference between incurring permanent damage such as tooth loss or avoiding long term implications due to the injury.

How Do You Know If Your Oral Condition Is a Dental Emergency?

The key to avoiding an unnecessary trip to get emergency dentistry in North Edmonton is to understand if your condition warrants to be termed as a dental emergency. This will also help you avoid panicking and make the right choice between waiting to see your regular dentist or rushing you or your loved ones to emergency dentistry near you. Here are some indications that your dental issue could be an emergency:
  • If you are bleeding from your mouth
  • If you are experiencing severe pain or a persistent toothache
  • Having any loose adult teeth even if the pain is absent
  • If you have an infection or abscess that may be indicated by swellings or knots on gums or a bulging face, this is a severe life-threatening condition that requires prompt medical attention.
  • Experiencing a trauma incident on face or mouth
Any of the above dental issues qualify to be handled as dental emergencies.

What Are Some of the Common Dental Emergencies?

Here are some of the dental emergency issues you can anticipate:
  • Cracked or Fractured Tooth
If you experience a painful or severely cracked or fractured tooth, you need to see a dentist promptly. This is an indication that your tooth may be damaged on the inside too. You will need to rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water. You can apply a cold compress to reduce swelling if the fracture is attributed to facial trauma, take some acetaminophen to manage the pain as you rush to our emergency dentistry in Edmonton.
  • A Knocked-Out Tooth
This requires urgent medical attention because getting to our dentist in good time gives you a chance to have your tooth preserved and reinserted by our dentist. If it happens, you should pick the tooth up by the crown and avoid touching the roots. Rinse your tooth off gently to ensure you do not lose it down the drain. Gently place your tooth back in place and bite down to keep it there. If your tooth cannot be held in place, carry it in a cup of milk to keep it moist as you rush to our dentist. You should not wait too long to see a dentist as this will compromise the viability of your tooth and make reinserting it impossible.
  • A Misaligned Tooth
In this case, you should apply a small amount of pressure to get it back in place, do not force it. Bite down on it to keep it in place as you rush to our emergency dentistry in Edmonton AB, for splinting and stabilizing.
  • An Abscessed Tooth
This can be a potentially life-threatening dental issue and requires prompt medical attention. It can cause fever, a severe toothache, swollen lymph nodes, tooth sensitivity, pimples on the gums, and a swollen face. Rise out your mouth with salty water to alleviate pain and draw up the pus, then rush to your dentist or if they are unavailable to our emergency dentistry near you.
  • Facial Pain and Injuries
This includes lacerations and cuts on the lips, mouth, tongue, and cheeks that may require medical attention to stop the bleeding. Rinse out your mouth, bite down on a gauze to reduce bleeding, take a pain killer, and rush to the dentist. At Kensington Dental Clinic, we are always available to help you through your dental emergency.

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