To all of our valued patients.

We here at Kensington Dental are doing everything in our power to remain open and provide safe dental services. Therefore, we ask that if you exhibit any of the following symptoms that you do not come into our office for any scheduled appointments: persistent cough, high fever, or breathing difficulty. Also, please refrain from visiting our clinic if you have traveled outside Canada recently, or have been in contact with an individual in the past 14 days who is suspected of or confirmed to have the Coronavirus.

The CDC and WHO have stated that we are in a global pandemic. For that reason, extreme precautions are necessary. So, as stated above, if you are exhibiting any symptoms or traveled outside of Canada in the previous 14 days, p!ease call our office, and we will reschedule at an appropriate time

Further, if you believe you have these symptoms and or have come into contact with an individual suspected of being infected of COVID-19, please call your primary care physician and or seek out a resting facility

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