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Checkups & Cleaning

Checkups & Cleaning

Checkups & Cleaning

A dental exam isn’t just for when you’re feeling aches and pains. Most dental authorities recommend having a routine examination at least once a year – more if your risk of dental issues is higher than normal. An exam at Kensington Dental Clinic can help to detect and prevent many diseases of the teeth, gums, and mouth. Most of these are detectable long before they can cause any damage, taking care of them early can save an enormous amount on dental bills.

Although you may brush and floss regularly, a dental clinic is the only place that has the necessary tools to remove tartar (hardened plaque) from your teeth. Another long-lasting benefit is fluoride application, which helps to prevent tooth decay for months, and even longer with regular brushing. At your request, we can also provide you or your child with a demonstration of how to brush and floss properly.