Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Nov 05, 2019

Root canal treatment is provided when a person is suffering from tooth decay. During the procedure, the infected nerves and the decayed area of a tooth are cleaned. Then the nerves are filled with a special dental material, and later the tooth is sealed with the fillings. Then a crown is fixed upon the tooth that allows the tooth to function normally further. Root canal treatment saves you from tooth extraction, and you can use their natural teeth for a long time. There are some benefits attached to root canal treatment that we are enlisting down.

Prevents Infection

The infection in your tooth won’t stay be restricted to that area. It will start spreading into other parts of the mouth like neighbouring teeth or bone and the pain will get more severe. In root canal treatment, the infected portion is removed and roots are cleaned deeply. It leaves no traces of the infection as your tooth gets disinfected. So, this will stop your tooth decay from spreading to other teeth.

Reduces Pain

Root canal treatment is less painful as compared to tooth extraction. The patient feels less pain during the whole operation as anaesthesia is given. Root canal treatment also reduces the pain in the tooth caused by the infection. The treatment doesn’t leave any space for the infection to spread and the tooth is filled with dental material which helps to eradicate the pain. Although anaesthesia is given at the time of tooth extraction as well, the healing period is generally very painful.

Preserves Tooth

When suffering from tooth decay, you can either go for tooth extraction or opt for root canal treatment. When a tooth is extracted from the mouth, it leaves a gap between the teeth. Afterwards, the gap would need to be filled with a dental implant. But if the gap is not filled, it can degenerate your jawbone over time. So, root canal treatment helps to preserve your natural teeth and keeps your jawbone intact.

Improves Your Smile

The decayed tooth is visible and appears discoloured due to the infection. T The bacteria make the tooth appear dark in black or brown colour. Root canal treatment helps to eradicate the infection. Then the discoloured tooth is filled with dental materials and dental crowns are fixed on the top to hide the discolouration completely. Dental crowns refurbish your tooth and restore your smile.

Enhances Your Health

If tooth decay is not treated on time, it can spread to other parts and can lead to severe problems. A person with poor health is at the risk of getting affected by tooth decay. Tooth decay leads to heart disease, diabetes, respiratory infections and other health issues. Root canal treatment will save you from such problems.

Ignoring tooth decay can lead to severe problems, so if you are facing one, then visit the dentist instantly. Here, at Kensington Dental Clinic, we will provide you with the best dental treatments based on your oral concerns.

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