Are You the Right Candidate for Root Canal Treatment?

Right Candidate for Root Canal Treatment

Although countless people around the globe undergo the root canal treatment every year, this solution isn’t the ideal one for everybody. Root canal therapy works best only on certain dental issues. If you are planning to undergo this treatment too, here are some signs that you must look out for. 

You Experience Sensitivity

When you feel intense pain or discomfort when you eat or drink something cold or hot, that means you have tooth sensitivity. What starts as a dull ache can progress into a sharp, intense pain. When this issue prolongs, it can be a matter of concern. Tooth sensitivity can occur when your tooth enamel depletes or if you have receding gums. Whatever the reason is, one of the best solutions to solve prolonged sensitivity is root canal treatment. 

Your Tooth is Fractured

When your tooth chips, cracks, breaks, or get fractured, the underlying dental nerves are exposed. When these nerves are exposed, it may result in several oral issues like dental infection, discolouration, sensitivity, and even gum disease. To avoid these issues, you must either get the right restorative or cosmetic dentistry solutions or root canal treatment.

Your Tooth is Discoloured

Tooth discolouration may occur due to tooth staining or excess fluoride. But when you notice that one of your teeth is severely darkened, or appears blackish, it can be due to significant damage beneath. When the nerves and blood vessels in your teeth are affected due to inflammation, your teeth may appear blackish. It is necessary to remove this inflamed part from your dental pulp so that the damage doesn’t spread to other teeth and gums.

You Have Prolonged Pain

When you continuously feel pain in a particular tooth for a long time, and if you don’t have any dental issue, it can be due to damage to your dental pulp. The pain can either be due to sensitivity or when the dental nerves are inflamed. The pain may or may not be associated with the other symptoms mentioned above.

Your Gums are Swollen

Swollen gums are a sign of problems beneath the surface. If your gums are painful and swollen or have a raised bump on them, you may need to undergo this treatment. A root canal is needed to solve the problem of inflamed gums if they don’t improve.

If you experience any or most of these issues, then you may want to get a root canal treatment. If you still cannot decide whether you should go for this treatment or some other solution, then visit your dentist and talk to them at your earliest.

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